Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Every big story has a start

Today, a day after Spanish climber Óscar Pérez was left on his own at the Pakistani mountain Latok II at 6200 meters due to bad weather conditions to continue with the rescue, I've started my own challenge.

I still need to define precisely when and where, but the idea is to spend between 10 and 13 days cycling around the Himalayas. But I won't do it alone. There will be a guide and a support team with me all the time, and much more people will be pushing me all the time from Spain, UK and some other countries.

The routes that I've consulted on the internet talk about a maximum altitude around 4500m or 5000m over the sea level. I'm aware that this is a lot of altitude and that I'll need to get used to the altitude and to the lack of oxygen. Maybe this is one of the biggest problems.

I've consulted different travel companies for this travel, and the stages vary from 40 km to 90 km. To be honest, I've never cycle 90 km in a day... I did 60 km once and at the end I was very tired, not to mention it wasn't as hilly as the Himalayas.

Yes... it's going to hard, otherwise where would be the challenge??

As I said at the begining, I started today my challenge, cause today I joined the gym, but in fact I started many days ago when I make my mind up for this travel and gave up smoking.


  1. Nothing better than setting oneself challenging objectives. I am sure than in one year time you will be reporting on your unique Himalayas experiences. Either from UK or Spain, I will be one of those people 'pushing' (supporting) you. I will make sure you do not miss any gym/running/cycling sessions. Good luck!

  2. Hey Bea! Thanks for your comment, the very first that I have
    Thanks for supporting me during the training for this dream travel.
    See you!

    PD: If you click on the adverts while you read the blog you'll also help me make this dream come true :)